Map it for You Monday....How to Card Display!!!

I am sharing something a little different today, but I am so excited about them I just had to share! We worked on them this weekend and I am loving the price of them and the look of them!
We made Card Displays out of 18X24 art canvases.  They were 50% off at Michaels...I got 2 packs of them.   

Then I took the canvas off of them.

After that I stained them with a steel wool, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mixture.  Here's how you can make the solution for pennies!

We purchased 2 sets of hinges for $3.29 each.  Attached the hinges to the back of the frames carefully by drilling holes and then handscrewing the small screws in, so you don't strip the screws.  I wanted my frames to fold back, so we attached the hinges to the back.  

Then we got 6 feet of chicken wire, which cost $5.  We attached it to the back of the frames with lots of staples, so I don't cut myself when I set them up in the future.
They fold back flat and are so easy to carry and to set up.

If you have any questions, let me know! 
They really were easy to make and were not cost prohibitive at all! 
Thanks for stopping by today!!!