Online Card Class Giveaway...Stretch Your Dies!

I've decided to share my love of papercrafting with my blog friends!
This class starts March 16th ....
Cost of the class is $28.  
The class will be my treat to one lucky winner on March 14!
Here's how you can win....leave a comment letting me know that you want to take the class and if you aren't a follower, become a follower of my blog.  It's that simple!!!

Online Card Classes’ Stretch Your Dies includes:
  • 20+ videos and cards! Every card has a video!
  • PDFs with step-by-step written instructions that you can print out and take anywhere.
  • A forum for discussion between students and teachers. Open for pre-class discussion on February 23, 2015 and then archived on March 27, 2015 for your reference.
  • Giveaways for class participation (winners chosen at random).
  • Shopping discounts to online stores during class–more details below.
  • A well-paced, interactive class environment.
  • A student gallery to show your creations!

Class Schedule

  • Monday 3/16 – Word Dies
  • Tuesday 3/17 – Flower Dies
  • Wednesday 3/18 – Basic Shape Dies
  • Thursday 3/19 – Mini Dies
  • Friday 3/20 – Coordinating Dies
  • Saturday 3/21 – Border Dies
  • Sunday 3/22 – Alphabet Dies
  • Friday 3/27 – Other Dies & Wrap Up Day
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