Fusion Challenge #3

As soon as I saw this photo over at Fusion Card Challenge, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  This is what I am giving my students for Valentine's Day.  I have done a variation of it for several years and every year the kids love them!  They are so easy to make and go together fairly quickly.   I chose to use both the sketch and the pictures to create my little valentine.

supplies: pattern paper-K&Co.; ink-cranberry (amuse studio); stamps-heart background (amuse studio); accessories- circle punch, heart punch, ribbon (paper studio), copy paper cut to 13/4" and peppermint patty

Here's how I made it...
1.  Start out with a 6x6 piece of paper. 
You can stamp on it or use pattern paper.

 2. Fold it like a napkin to make a triangle.

 3. Take one corner to the other side and fold down.   
You may also want to bring the other piece up to see if it matches before you push it down.

 4. Take the other side up and create the triangle.  
Push down so it lays nice and flat.

5. Fold the top down and crease.  Decorate as you desire!
I used popdots to glue it down for the pictures or I would have switched the triangular folds underneath to see if it laid better.

If you make these larger, you can put seed packets in them.  (8X8) 
The sky's the limit!  

 I wrapped a piece of 13/4" stamped copy paper around the peppermint patty and used monoadhesive to fasten it. 
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope these inspire you for your Valentines!
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