Road Trip to Syracuse!

When I got an email awhile back about there being a Copic certification in Syracuse, NY, I contacted a couple LCOM forum friends and asked if they would like to join me.  I was so excited when they said YES! and also signed up to go to the Copic Certification and were accepted.  
As the weeks approached, I found myself becoming giddy yet nervous at the same time.  Meeting two people, spending 3 hours with one of them in car and about an hour with the other  that I had talked with on the forum after talking with them only on-line.  Lots of what if questions went through my mind, but for some reason all of those dissipated very quickly because I was just way too excited.
First, I picked up Joyce in Bloomsburg.  I'm not blonde, but because I was a bit nervous ....I am sure her husband was a bit worried that she would be traveling 3 more hours with me and then I had to bring her home safely on Saturday.  I was just having such a horrible time FINDING them!!! When they were right there! (LOL!!!)  After about an hour traveling with Joyce, we stopped at Red Lobster for lunch. Driving into the parking space, I drove too far up and hit the curb...what a goof I am!!!  I talked the shrimp bruschetta up like there was no tomorrow. She had eaten 2 pieces of it and I tried one.  Oh my...it was aweful!!! The bread was so soggy.  Joyce had it taken off of the bill ( she was very nice about it) and the manager was asking us if she could get us some dessert!!!  Then on the way back to I81, I ran a stop sign...whoops! I saw it, but didn't stop! Not sure why! Thank God no one was coming! Joyce says...you just ran that stop sign! We talked the whole way up and didn't seem to have much trouble talking and conversating the whole way there.
At Exit 6 on I81, we picked Susie  up.  It is near Bighamton, but some little town like Chichango...that might be it.(not sure)  We picked her up at a Burger King and now all 3 of us were getting to know each other.  After I talked on my cell phone as we were driving in New York, I learned that it was against the law.  Whoops!!! 
We arrived at the hotel, unpacked and found that there were some scrappy spots we needed to check out!  Without the GPS, we would have been in big trouble!!! It's sad that so many of the local scrapbook stores are closing, so we ended up at Hobby Lobby and AC Moore.  We ate at Olive Garden and didn't have to wait for more than 5 minutes.  WOW...that was a surprise!
Back at the hotel, we went to the lobby breakfast area and used Joyce's stash of Copic markers coloring away and playing a little! What great fun!!!

Here we all are...(left to right)
Joyce, Sandi and Sue

Then the big day arrived...we got to meet Colleen Schaan.  What a great presenter! It is so obvious that she is a teacher.  Funny, personable, and a little anal retentive (LOL!) I learned so much about the Copics and am so excited that I am now certifiable! I need to practice some more...LOTS more!!!
Colleen and me

The trip back seemed to take FOREVER!!! It's always like that though isn't it!? 
Hope that you can go on a scrappy adventure with some scrappy friends!!!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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