43 Years with June's Paper Trail Kit

I know I don't thank my parents enough for all that they have done and do for me! So, with this anything goes challenge this month here at Trail Makers I decided to showcase my parents.  This picture was taken almost 2 years ago on Valentine's Day at my little brother's wedding.  Dad's eyes are all squinty and goofy looking, but if they weren't I would think something was wrong because he truly is a a big old goofball.  He comes off all gruff at times, but he's just masquerading that cupcake of a heart that he has.  Mom looked gorgeous in that dress.  I was so happy that she found something that she felt great in.  She truly deserves it! This is a couple that truly belongs together who have raised 5 children!
They truly are heroes that the world doesn't know much about...hopefully this puts them in the limelight!

Everything on the page is from the June kit except the homemade flower that I made and sprayed with glimmermist.  I really hope that you will find the time to scrapbook and show us your projects! Can't wait to see them!   So glad you stopped by today! 
Happy Trail Making!!!

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Lynn said...

A lovely lo for a lovely couple. Subdued yet totally elegant. I love that. Kinda of like that LBD.