A great way to start 2011!

I am standing at the sink peeling 10 pounds of potatoes around 2:30PM EST on Saturday, January 1st for my husband's family Christmas, but because it's New Year's we always have pork that's roasted in sauerkraut all day and mashed potatoes. Yum! Both my husband's and my family have Pennsylvania Dutch in our backgrounds.  It has been passed down through generations and my grandmother always told me that you have to eat that on New Year's Day because it will bring you good luck for the year.  Anyways, my phone started ringing in my pants pocket.  I pulled out my phone and looked to see who was calling.  There was only a number on it and I didn't recognize the number.  I walked into my sister -in-law's dining room and answered the phone.  Here's how the conversation went: (I think!)
Me: Hello!
Debbie: Hi...this is Debbie from Crop Addict!I have a few questions about your Design Team application.
Me: OK (gulp...heart palpitating and thinking...there's no chance in heck)
Debbie: Are you still interested in being on the Design Team for Crop Addict?
Me: Yes!
Debbie: Well, would you like to be on the Design Team for Crop Addict?
Me: Yes...of course! (I think it took me a second to answer because I had to play back in my mind what she just said!)
Debbie: Welcome to the team!
Me: Thank you so much!
I felt bad because I didn't even tell her Happy New Year! I was just so flabbergasted! I have to say I absolutely don't remember peeling the rest of those potatoes! LOL!!! I am honored to have been chosen to be on Crop Addict's Design Team with all these amazing designers!

Here's the rest of the team:
Megan Smith, DT Coordinator


Lisa Spiegel said...

Tee hee, Sandi! My conversation went very similarly, except I made her repeat who she was like 5 times! I just couldn't put it together, lol. So excited to be working with you. :) Happy New Year!!

Sophia said...

Happy to be working with you, going to be fun!!!