One Little Word

Well, it's New Year's Eve.  A time when everyone makes resolutions.  I always say I am going to start exercising more, clean my house more, etc.  But this  year I have decided to pick a word like Ali Edwards has the last few years.  You know I have to say the word was really easy for me to come up with because I know it's what I struggle with all the time.  I question myself and say: Am I being a good Mom, a good Wife, a good Teacher, a good Christian, a good Scrapbooker and the list could go on? 
Somehow, all those things become jumbled up into a big mess. 
So, this year my word is

I want to keep everything unjumbled and clean. 
I already know that there are some things I could do immediately to make things easier for me.
Here's a few:
1. Like not wait until the last minute to do something.
2. Plan out the week...instead of living one day at a time.
3. Communicate more.
4. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
5. Get up earlier and go to bed earlier.
I am sure there will be things I will learn along the way, but I am pretty excited to think that I am starting the year out thinking about a balanced life and what I can do to make it better.
So, are you joining me? What's your word going to be? Post here by January 6th and I will draw a name for an RAK.  I'll post the winner on January 7th.  Can't wait to see what your word will be?

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