Is your tree up?

Our is! Thanks to my darling son who is 10 years old.  He was driving me a little over the edge this weekend about getting it up and decorated.  So, I have to say this year he was very instrumental in getting the tree up! He put it together and then let me try to shape the lovely artificial tree.  I so wish that we could have a real tree, but with burning wood in the living room ; it just dries out the "real" tree so quickly and it looks horrible! And ...when I think...be warm or have a "real" tree....I choose BE WARM! I absolutely do not like to be cold.  The warmer the better!!!:)  And notice, I don't put tinsel on my tree! I remember as a kid always having to take that stuff off the tree...oh YUCK! I love my ribbons that hang down.  I think it's really classy and adds a little something something!!!
So, do you have your tree up? Share your tree with me in the comment section, so I can go and look at it!!!
Hope you are having a wonderful December with you and your family!!! The hustle and bustle is just so fun!!!
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