A Tutorial for Krisis Kreations

I am going to show you how to make some beautiful flowers today using Krisi's scallop circles.  If you have a cricut and are able to do svg files on your computer you definitely want this template.

Here's what else you will need:
8 scallop circles cut from the template (I cut mine 2X2)
a small brad
a paper piercer
a water based stamp pad
a water spray bottle
and if desired glitter stickles

First thing you want to do is ink the edges of each one of  your scallops with the desired color of ink. Keep in mind that if you don't want your fiingers to get messy you may want to wear rubber gloves.

Do all eight scallops.  You can do as much or as little ink as you want. 

Then you are going to spray each scallop with water.  I gave each scallop about 2 spritzes of water.  You want it to be damp, not soaked.

Next wad each of your scallops up like a spit ball.  This is where your hands tend to get a bit messy because of the ink moving on the scallop.

Wad all eight of them as small as you can get them.  Then you will unwrap them.  Be very careful when you unwrap them because they do stick together a little when you open them up from being wet.

Stack them on top of each other.

Then put a hole in the center with your paper piercer.

Push your little brad through the hole and fasten.

This is the magic.  Pick up one layer at a time and squeeze it together.  Repeat the process until all 8 layers are pinched and squashed together.  If my 10 year old can do it, you can too!!!

This is what the flower looks like.  You can fan it out a little and play with it.  Then apply stickles if you want.

Here's a card I made with a flower I made earlier this afternoon.  You can see that I put stickles on it to give it some glitter. I had to glue the flower to the card to get it to stay.

Pattern Paper: Prima
Letters: October Afternoon
Pearls: Prima
Oh and I forgot to tell you the template I used for this card is Krisi's too.  You can get it here
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you will try making some of these flowers.  They really are very easy and so very beautiful!!!

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Danielle said...

Great tutorial Sandi! I love the flower and the card you made is so cute!